Fran Halperin grew up in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.  Her father, a mechanical engineer, artist and poet, always dreamed of being an architect and transferred those dreams to Fran.  Her parents generously raised her with weekly art classes and extensive international travel. She was also exposed to art, architecture, theater, movies and other various forms of culture and creativity that Los Angeles had to offer.

She met her partner, Eric Christ, at U.C. Berkeley architectural school and the two of them have operated an architectural practice since 1987 that specializes in residential design.

Fran loves to draw and in the last 5 years has focused on interactive on-site design incorporating client feedback in real time.  As she and the homeowner interact and discuss possibilities, Fran draws. This collaboration produces myriad possibilities for either the beginning of a project or can address particular design issues that occur during both the architectural and construction phases of a job. She also specializes in accessibility and aging in place designs.

In addition to the architectural practice, Fran runs a community art venue in San Rafael, Studio 64, that hosts art classes, theater, architectural events, art gallery shows, music and many other creative ventures. She enjoys mosaic and collage, and brings her artistic sensibilities into her architectural endeavors.


Eric Christ was born in Bloomington, Indiana to two Indiana University professors. He grew up in homes that were designed and built by his parents and lived for 2 years in an Austrian summer palace all of which served to ignite in him an interest in architecture and the built environment.  Building projects with his “do-it-yourself” father instilled an appreciation for the craft of construction and an ability to use his hands to make things.

In conjunction with his partner, Fran Halperin, whom he met at U.C.Berkeley architectural school, they combined both of their skills and created a design build company that flourished for 15 years.

In his construction days Eric was always interested in working with new materials and experimenting with different systems of construction.  He is self taught in the art of casting concrete and has cast numerous ornamental pieces as well as counter tops and fireplace surrounds.  He is a problem solver at heart and quick to help clients identify and resolve construction issues.

He consults frequently on potential home purchases and projects and the feasibility of remodels and additions.

He has a huge affinity for golf and currently rates golf course for Golf Digest magazine.